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Classic RAL palette

Classic RAL codes are commonly used to uniquely identify the color in industry and commerce.

Were introduced in 1927 by the German National Committee for the Conditions of Supply – Reichsausschuss für Lieferbedingungen, and now watch over their development of the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Hallmarks (Deutsches Institut für und Gutensicherung Kennzeichnung). In the original version contained a set of 40 colors, with time has grown to over 200 and was named the Classic RAL, to distinguish them from arising later, much richer set of RAL Design. The colors from RAL Classic have a 4-digit code and can be easily visualize using RGB coordinates. RAL Design was established in accordance with the recommendations of the International Commission on Illumination color and contains 1688 described a 7-digit code, where the first three digits indicate the tone of color, the next 2 brightness, and the latter is saturated.
The following table shows the combination of colors from RAL Classic.

RAL colours

RAL color palette was defined in 1927. The aim was to introduce a set of naming and ordering of the paint market. Introduced four-digit code that describes the colors that have their own well-defined patterns. Currently, the RAL palette is widely used in paint industry, construction, furniture, machinery and others.

The basic collection is RAL 841-HR

The basic collection is RAL 841-HR, a collection of color “glossy” is RAL 841-GL. Currently, this classic set of 194 RAL colors are described as follows:

1XXX – yellows, from 1000 to 1034, a total of 27 colors
2XXX – colors of orange, from 2000 to 2012, a total of 12 colors
3XXX – reds, from 3000 to 3031, a total of 22 colors
4XXX – the color purple, from 4001 to 4010, a total of 10 colors
5XXX – blues, from 5000 to 5024 a total of 23 colors
6XXX – greens, from 6000 to 6034, a total of 32 colors
7XXX – colors of gray, from 7000 to 7047, a total of 37 colors
8XXX – browns, from 8000 to 8028, a total of 19 colors
9XXX – color white and black, from 9001 to 9018, a total of 12 colors