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Classic RAL palette

Classic RAL codes are commonly used to uniquely identify the color in industry and commerce.

Were introduced in 1927 by the German National Committee for the Conditions of Supply – Reichsausschuss für Lieferbedingungen, and now watch over their development of the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Hallmarks (Deutsches Institut für und Gutensicherung Kennzeichnung). In the original version contained a set of 40 colors, with time has grown to over 200 and was named the Classic RAL, to distinguish them from arising later, much richer set of RAL Design. The colors from RAL Classic have a 4-digit code and can be easily visualize using RGB coordinates. RAL Design was established in accordance with the recommendations of the International Commission on Illumination color and contains 1688 described a 7-digit code, where the first three digits indicate the tone of color, the next 2 brightness, and the latter is saturated.
The following table shows the combination of colors from RAL Classic.

The RAL history

The products are available according to RAL, Design, Pantone, and many others. The following images show the reproduction of the most popular range – RAL. NOTE: Because of the nature in the monitor display, different settings for contrast, brightness and color temperature, these scans show the color swatch, which may differ from the colors obtained from the mixer. When selecting color please refer to the paper versions of the color books that are available in our range or at points of sale

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